Trustees are subject to the duties and responsibilities of charitable trustees and company directors as well as any other condition that the Secretary of State agrees with them.    Trustees must advance education, for the public benefit and to take ultimate responsibility for the Trust’s resources; the employment of staff, land and building matters and academy finances and funds.   Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the trust’s funds are used only in accordance with the law, its articles of association, its funding agreement and the Academies Financial Handbook.   The Trust Board can choose to delegate some of its governance functions to the Local Governing Body Committee.   All governor appointments are approved by the Trust Board.

The Trust Board will meet 6 times a year

The ESPRIT Multi Academy Trust Board consists of the following Trustees

Paul Atkins - Chair of Trustees

Elizabeth Jane Gaffney – Vice Chair of Trustees

Lee Woodham

Patrick Ralison

Wendy Sandbrook

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