Where learning is magical


Our core values are represented through the acronym: MAGIC

These values form the basis of initial discussions with all prospective employees of the ESPRIT Academies. They apply equally to all members of the Trust, employees, pupils and Governors.



We believe that we are privileged to be working in education and are proud that our staff have the skill and ability to positively change children’s lives so they are stimulated and have reason to achieve their dreams; we are accountable to them and to ourselves. Learning should be challenging but also enjoyable and inspirational as embodied in the Trust motto, “Where learning is magical”.



All academy members are expected to aim for excellence in their individual professional roles. We do have incredibly high expectations of ourselves and each other and staff are equally ambitious for our pupils, encouraging them to be spirited and passionate about their learning. We believe that it is every child’s right to be visible, we guarantee that we know them individually, spot their talents and provide for them what we would want for our own children.



Education is constantly changing and challenging and we need to model strategic, passionate and resourceful behaviours if we are to stay true to our child centred ethos. Sometimes we have to think outside the box and we encourage our pupils to do the same. Our staff are innovative and tenacious about going the extra mile to provide the best possible education and experiences for pupils so that we release the magic in every child.



The time children spend in education is precious and we have a crucial role in supporting each one of our pupils to be prepared for the future and fulfil their maximum potential. We have a responsibility to develop independent learners, whose resilience and perseverance helps them to face life’s many challenges. We seek to develop curious, ambitious, investigators in our Trust.



All staff must model effective communication at all times, supportive, professional and demonstrating respect and integrity in their relationships with each other, pupils and parents. We expect the same of our children, with daily opportunities to practice, so that our Trust is underpinned by maximum trust and teamwork.